What are the biggest advantages of having a salt water pool? Well, if you ask people who’ve got a saltwater pool, they will perhaps say they like that they do not have to purchase chlorine anymore. The reason for this is that saltwater pools produce their own chlorine via a process called electrolysis.

Other advantages include less maintenance, softer water, and no foul odor. However, you’ve got to keep in mind that salt water pools still require a bit of maintenance.

To maintain its condition, you still have to understand how to maintain it. So, if you are planning for a salt water pool installations Miami, here are a couple of maintenance tips you have to consider:

A saltwater pool is simpler to maintain compared to an old-school pool. However, this does not mean that salt water pool maintenance and care should be done once a year.

There are monthly, weekly, and daily tasks you’ve got to do. These include:

Monthly Tasks

Every month, there are four things you have to examine. This includes calcium, stabilizer, alkalinity, and salinity.

For salt water pools, CYA or Cyanuric acid is the preferred stabilizer. It should be at 70-80 ppm. Another thing to consider is the calcium hardness. You’ve got to aim for 200-400 ppm of calcium. This will avoid corrosion and scaling.

Proper levels are around 80-120 ppm for alkalinity. You can utilize muriatic acid to lower it or baking soda to raise it.

The salinity of the pool needs to be around 2700-4500 ppm. To guarantee, you can check your manual since there might be small differences depending on the model of the pool. If your generator does not come with one, you can utilize a salt meter for this.

Weekly Tasks

You need to test the free chlorine and pH of your salt water pool each week. There are test kits or test strips you can purchase for this.

1-3 ppm is the normal level of free chlorine. On the other hand, pH needs to be at 7.2-7.6. If the level of chlorine is off, you can adjust the generator. Again, you can utilize muriatic acid or sodium carbonate to lower it or baking soda to raise it for the pH level of your pool.

Daily Tasks

You have to make it a habit to regularly clean the pool and its filters. This can help you save a lot of money and time in the future.

You’ve got to ensure you do not forget to empty the pump basket and clean the skimmer for your salt water pool. Always remember to skim them if you see any debris that is visible. To make your monthly and weekly tasks a lot simpler, you have to be as diligent as possible with these day-to-day tasks.

Another thing to consider is to winterize the equipment and the pool. This is a simple step if you’ve got a removable unit. Else, you can read the owner’s manual for directions on how to do it.