4 Charities That Help House Homeless People

Homelessness is a problem in pretty much every part of the globe. Even the single richest country in the world, America, has a serious homelessness problem that definitely needs to be addressed in order to make it so that everyone is able to live a reasonably good life where they are afforded similar opportunities to others. There are several charities that help homeless people by building them houses or helping them get off the streets for a short period of time. Here are some of the top charities in America that do this:

Building Homes For Heroes

This charity has a great name that does not talk down to the people that need help from it, but that’s not all that this charity does so well. The basis of this charity is that it helps war veterans that are often left homeless after sacrificing so much for their country. It does this by creating relatively low cost housing that it then offers to these war veterans. Everyone has a right to a home, and this charity is working towards making these rights a reality for some of the most disenfranchised people.

The Fuller Center For Housing

This charity is very important in the world of homelessness because of the fact that it helps people all around the world. The charity itself is based in the US, but it does use its resources to build homes in other parts of the world as well. The way that this charity reduces the cost of the housing that it offers people that need it is by using volunteers to build the homes which helps them save money that would otherwise have gone towards paying wages. Also, the charity obviously does not include a profit margin in the asking price for the houses, so the total cost of the house is only for the materials that were used during the construction process.

Habitat For Humanity

Many of the greatest charities in the world are founded on Christian beliefs and Habitat for Humanity is no different. This charity is somewhat different because of the fact that the people that are buying the house help the volunteers build it, and they pay for the house through a reasonably mortgage plan that is geared towards the needy and is designed to help them afford housing.

The Make It Right Foundation

The rich and famous are some of the most charitable people in the world because of the fact that they often have more than they need. Brad Pitt is the person responsible for this organization, and he builds homes for people that need them. Furthermore, the homes that the foundation builds are completely eco-friendly which is definitely something that allows people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. In many ways this foundation kills two birds with one stone which is something that all charities should definitely be trying to work towards as much as possible.

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