How to Properly Learn a Guitar Solo

Being a fan of guitar solos, and an aspiring guitarist, the importance of a good guitar solo is something that I never overlooked. Many songs are only good because of the guitar solo was too good. Just take a look back in history as well, and you will realize that some of the most famous songs are more recognized because of their guitar solos. Do you think Stairway to Heaven would be this popular if it lacked the magic from Jimmy Page?

As far as guitar solos are concerned, they do not have to be extremely technical to be good. Tony Iommi; the founding father of heavy metal has made some of the most amazing solos that are extremely accessible to everyone. Sure, challenging guitar solos are great as well, but it is not a competition to see which one is better.

If you are thinking about learning a guitar solo, below are some of the tips that will help you.

Learn The Tabs

Assuming that you already know how to play the guitar, the next sensible step would be to learn how to work the tabs. The tabs are great because they make guitar playing so much more accessible, and regardless of the guitar solo you are trying to learn, you can find the tabs online and start from there.

Do Not Be Afraid to Improvise

A lot of aspiring guitarists want to nail the perfect guitar solo that they are trying to learn. However, the one thing that they all forget is that improvising is actually good. Do not be afraid to improvise because, in that process, you might end up creating something amazing, and entirely different from the original.

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