It’s Not Impossible to Keep Your Dog Off The Couch

Your couch is probably your retreat after doing anything around the house. And the last thing you want is to find out that there’s mud and hair on it. It can be an extremely undesirable situation. Your dog might feel the same way about your couch. And if you think about it, why would they want to sit on the cold hard floor when there’s a huge and soft couch right in front of them.

How to Prevent This?

The first and foremost thing to do would be to get a dog bed for your dog. If they don’t have any comfortable place to sit then they’ll definitely get on the couch because why not right? So get a dog bed and every time they try to sit on the couch, show them where they’re supposed to sit. This would be a long term solution as they will definitely not get on the couch again. You don’t necessarily have to get a dog bed. You can just gather old clothes and cushions from around the house or anything that’s soft and put it all together to make a bed for them. This would do the job

Train Them

You can still not know for sure though because you’re not always going to be around. You can either out dog gates around the place that you want to keep them away form or just train them to not go there. Whenever they sit on the couch, just pick them up or nudge them off. Never allow it even once so that they get the idea that it’s a rule. It might take some time but you they will definitely learn as AlliVet says it. Don’t be too harsh about it though.

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